Air Compressor Combo Kits – What Are the Features to Look For?

June 4, 2020 0 By king.97

Air compressor combo kits make a great addition to your garage. But the multitude to choose from will make your head spin. Depending on the type of project  air compressor you’re getting ready to do, an air compressor may be able to make your life easier. Make sure you do not buy one that is for a commercial business though. One for the household will do fine.

Gas powered compressor vs. an electric compressor. For garage purposes, an electric air compressor will do fine. If you’re a building contractor out on a construction site then a gas powered air compressor will be your choice. It will be your choice – electric or gas powered. Make sure you research them both because there are advantages in both of them. Gas powered compressors tend to be more portable and of course they don’t need a plug. Size and weight must be considered with all portable compressors.

Pancake air compressors, hot dog compressors, vertical compressors and the wheelbarrow air compressors are many kinds to select from. Do you want a wheel or 2 wheels on your compressor? Look at where the compressor is going and what will it cross to get there. Are you going to have help to lift it? Of course it will not move much in the garage. A vertical, hot dog or pancake air compressor will do fine.

The better choice is usually an electric compressor if you are the average homeowner. Again take a look at your needs. Do your research and take your time in selecting the right one. Look at air compressor reviews on the internet and get user opinions. Find the pros and cons of each type.

Pressure requirements – consider what is needed for your project. The compressor tank size is something that needs a hard look. The largest tank may not be needed. Figure the pressure of each tool that you will be using at the same time. Add those pressures together. Then select the portable air compressor that can handle those tools working together and not overload the air compressor.

The electric compressor is the best choice for inflating tires, using nail guns and mechanic air tools. You will have plenty of pressure if you just leave it plugged in to an electric outlet. No gas required! On the other hand, a gas powered compressor will not be as convenient because of the gas required and exhaust. You have to move it outside of the garage to work with it.

Lowe’s or Home Depot are good places to start research of your new air compressor. Ask the salesman about size needed and explain to them exactly the tools you will use. They will then show different models and try to get you to buy the one on sale that day. Ask questions. Make sure you are sure it’s the right one for your project. Be careful with the home centers. They might not know what they are talking about.

The internet is one of the best places to research you new portable air compressors. Be careful of which website to get your research on. Some of them just want you to click on a Google ad so they make money. Websites such as may also give you info on all types compressors and of course do-it-yourself projects.