All About Prize Bond Draw in Pakistan

May 18, 2020 0 By king.97


Almost in every city of Pakistan the use of prize bond is constantly increasing, due to high chances of earning money and winning prizes and becoming rich within a night. Due to the economic crisis in Pakistan’s people are more interested to invest in such a type of schemes rather than other times taking schemes. Keeping this factor in vision government of Pakistan put forward a lottery scheme that is a prize bond scheme. Which is being practice in Pakistan on the daily basis. Rules and regulations of claiming purchasing selling are same all over the Pakistan no matter what city it is. Lahore is called as heart of Pakistan. City of Lahore plays a vital and integral role in economic development and growth and investments and savings of this city takes a worth full place in final national income sheet. Usage of prize bonds is practiced in Multan more than other countries due to large population and people having believed in fate and destiny. KBC Lucky Draw


Prize bond draws are held in Karachi time to time. Many people of Lahore have started investment dealings as their professions, calling themselves as bond’s dealers. Different shops are situated in Multan for investment dealings such as an Abrar Pakistan prize bond dealer in labor how, Or Bilal’s cash prize dealer.


As like in all Pakistan in Peshawar draws are held on the quarterly basis, let’s talk about schedule of 2013. According to 2013 schedules, the primary draw in Khanewal was held on 1st of February 2013 on the day of Friday for the bond of rupees 7500/= bond number 53. The second draw in Lahore was held on June 3, 2013 on the day of Monday of highest numbers of rupees 40000/= bond number 54. The third draw is decided to be held on November 15 2013 on Friday, which is the draw result of prize bonds of worth rupees 100 (student welfare prize bond) bond number 4. This is the first time in Lahore when the prize bond draw of rupees 100 is to be held. And last draw of the year 2013 in Pakistan will be held also in Lahore on December 16 2013 of bond rupees 200/= bond number 56.


The most sold and purchased bonds in Multan are bonds of worth rupees 200. The last National saving’s prize bond draw of rupees 200/= held in Pakistan was on date 15th of March 2012. There are a large number of students studying in lottery according to a survey is one of the top cities of Pakistan having students, students are mostly interested to invest their short savings and earn a profit so since prize bond of rupees 100 has been started students of Pakistan are more and more attracted in buying and selling of 100 rupees prize bonds to support their education and save their small funds and pocket money, in Lahore selling of 100 rupees bond is holding feet, and it will soon can beat the record of selling and buying of 200 rupees.

People of Lahore are also interested in buying their blessed with good-luck numbers as bonds, they purchase this scheme according to their fortune luck numbers. They strongly believe that purchasing of their lucky numbers in prize bond can lead them to win. In prize, bonds are one of the most trust able and reliable scheme Vision and consideration of public of city. Procedure of claiming is same in as in other countries. All the rules and regulations are constant in Karachi as in other cities of Pakistan.